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Blogs are where BFC team members are sharing in their personal development. Try something new or indulge in your passion – it is all about living a healthier and happier life.

Discover Your Writing Voice

You may be wondering to yourself: what is a ‘voice’ in writing? Much like with your actual voice, a writing voice is something this is unique to you. It makes your writing distinct and recognizable to others when they see it. And once you develop your voice, it will make …

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Naturkostbar — Gourmet Raw Products and Culinary Courses

Naturkostbar isn’t just another business with which founders earn their living. They came together through a shared calling, and each one of them truly lives this lifestyle. They believe that this is what makes Naturkostbar, its gourmet raw products, and themselves as manufacturers, authentic and compelling. Naturkostbar is a holistic enterprise, specialized in both the procurement of …

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Hof Blum — the agricultural enterprise

Hof Blum farm is located in a picturesque area. You can enjoy the scenery while riding a horse. The farm provides horse riding lessons as a therapy. Work at the farm is done according to the guidelines of Bio Suisse. From the hens to the cows: they are all part …

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Waedichoerbli — farming-oriented cooperative

The Wädichörbli is a Swiss farming-oriented cooperative with the aim of bringing local and jointly produced organic vegetables directly from the field to the kitchens of the cooperative. In the Wädichörbli, organic vegetables are delivered once a week as a crop-fresh vegetable subscription to a depot nearby. Since June 2012 …

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Rooting for Kale

Have you heard the stories of a ‘wonder-vegetable’ that is easy to grow, delicious, and extraordinary healthy? It may sound too good to be true, but humans have actually been eating it for thousands of years. Meet Nero di Toscana, a legendary variety of kale. Nero di Toscana is a plant …

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Online Toastmasters Club at BFC

We are very glad to share with you an exciting decision to start a online Toastmasters club at BFC. The Toasmaster club will help us bond better as a team, become more successful communicators and leaders. Ralph Smedley believed that people can discover their latent leadership talents by participating in …

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How to Speak Unprepared?

Public speaking is an essential skill to master to help present your ideas, persuade others, and advance your career, but some of the best speaking opportunities come about without warning. In this session, Calin shares a special technique to make a great speech whenever the need arises, no preparation necessary. Watch …

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Bryson’s Dictionary for Writers and Editors by Bill Bryson

I love Bill Bryson. And he’s from my home state: Iowa! He has a unique and wonderful writing style. His book Bryson’s Dictionary for Writers and Editors is a useful guide to many problems encountered by writers and editors of English texts. What’s the difference between “immanent” and “imminent”? What …

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