BFC Awards 2017

Kale is BFC’s Vegetable of the Year 2017. In celebration, BFC have sent out high quality seeds to partners in several countries. We will be mapping the journey of growing kale right through to serving it for dinner; this will include showcasing articles, photos, artwork, recipes, videos, and ideas.

If you’re interested in growing kale yourself, then get in contact to arrange a complimentary seed starter pack.

Send us a Message to get Kale Seeds


BFC Awards will be presented at the end of 2017 for Best Overall Contribution and Best Kale Contribution. All posts made to the iSHARE Facebook group will be automatically nominated and every post tagged with #kale will be entered into the kale category. A qualifying post could be a tasty recipe, a photo of your garden, a video, a business idea, or anything else you want to share.

Here are some examples for the Best Kale Contribution Award:

  • Photos of your kale at various stages of growth
  • Tips for growing kale
  • Alternative practical uses of kale
  • The different varieties of kale immortalised in a musical tribute
  • Poetry using kale as a muse
  • A globally distributed film trilogy centred around kale
  • A clothes line using kale as the primary material

Clearly the possibilities are pretty much endless. So get creative and share your kale stories!

Here are some examples for the Best Overall Contribution Award, these posts don’t have to be about kale, just anything related to living better:

  • Community Projects
  • Workshops
  • Art work
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Personal stories
  • Local practices
  • Books