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Tyler Green

Tyler Green is a Project Coordinator with 7 years of professional experience in community development, accounting, communications, public relations, and project management. He has been a member of BFC since 2015; since then, Tyler has been involved as a project coordinator for the PAFAI (Promoting Access to Finance and Agricultural Insurance) project in the Republic of Georgia, where he specializes in the development of Value Chain Finance partners and products, and the Blue Orchard Operational Efficiency Project. Tyler holds a MA from George Mason University (USA) and is fluent in English and Romanian.

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McLain Association for Children (MAC) Georgia

McLain Association for Children, Georgia, provides support, education, and resources for vulnerable persons of all abilities while building the skills and knowledge of the families and communities that care for them. MAC provides the following services: PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL SERVICES MAC Georgia’s psychologists provide expert consultation, diagnostic services, technical assistance, and professional development …

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Dog Organization Georgia (DOG)

DOG is a foundation that collects dogs in Georgia (country). There are about 25,000 stray dogs alone in the capital, causing nuisance through hunger and disease and are a danger to traffic. Because of this they are treated badly, hit or scavenged by the government. DOG has set itself the …

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Let’s Play Together

BFC employee Tyler Green has volunteered at two McLain Association for Children (MAC) Let’s Play Together events, one in Poti and one in Terjola. He has also organized a fundraising event, with BFC support, which raised enough money to cover 1.5 future Let’s Play Together events costs. Founded in 2008, …

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