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A Short Introduction to Digital Filmmaking

BFC Talk took place on WebEx on March 1, 2018 at 3:00pm CET Matthew Marwick is an Associate with BFC based in New York. His role encompasses communication management, creative development, and project coordination. His passions include technology, science, current affairs, and environmental sustainability. In his spare time, he is …

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Communication Challenges in Franco-German Cooperation

BFC Talk took place on WebEx on February 15, 2018 at 3:00pm CET Leonie Altehülshorst is a German bachelor student completing a degree in European Business Communication. She is well-acquainted with France, having participated in multiple French-German exchange programs, spending a year studying at the University of Orleans, and recently …

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Learn a Foreign Language with an e-Reader

BFC Talk took place on WebEx on February 8, 2018 at 3:00pm CET Marina Zabughina is a designer in BFC’s marketing department, and is passionate about photography, art, languages, and vegan cooking. She can often be found searching for local herbs and mushrooms, taking part in search and rescue trainings …

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The Secrets of Productive Reading (in Russian)

Катя Ганьшина — читающий дизайнер. С недавнего времени она ведет свой книжный блог на платформе Инстаграм, в котором создает авторские обложки и пишет свои впечатления о прочитанных книгах. Количество ее читателей за два месяца существования блога уже перевалило за тысячу, а совсем недавно она вернулась с Московской Международной Книжной Выставки …

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Standing Up for Office Health (in Russian)

On June 29, Mariusz Szczepanowski, an experienced mountain survival expert, martial arts coach, and wellbeing consultant, hosted a BFC.Green Talk on staying active and healthy in an office setting. The risks of long periods of sitting are well established, but everyday millions of people around the world find themselves constrained …

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Social Gardening: Improving Student Outcomes Through Food Education

Leigh Marwick, an education professional based in New York, speaks about her experience leading a food education and gardening initiative. The programme aims to impart students with skills which both improve individual learning outcomes and deepen the strength of their community. Leigh will share insights into getting teenagers interested in …

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The Best of the First Eurasian Business Conference in Moldova

On April 1st, Evelina Dubceac, Mihaela Ungureanu and Sergiu Iacub attended the Eurasian Business Conference in Chisinau. This was the first event of its kind organized in the Republic of Moldova and in the region which meets speakers, business people, students, professors and people with social initiatives from Eurasia. The …

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YouTube Guide for Musicians

It’s no great secret that, more and more, aspiring musicians are turning to modern electronic and online services to improve their skills and distribute their music. In fact, the top results of searching “lessons” in YouTube are all related to music. Andrey Sorokin shows us how to use YouTube for …

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The Magic of Cinema

Matthew Marwick presents ‘The Magic of Cinema’, a 30-minute Online Coaching and Sharing meeting. Have a look behind the scenes, exploring story structures, plot devices, and how moviemakers engage audiences. Ideal for film enthusiasts.

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