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Play Time: Christmas Express

A fairy interactive experience in a Christmas celebration ambiance, where the user can create their personalized virtual letter. Crafted in a eccentric and fun atelier lost in the mountains, the user goes through a playful process: painting a stencil, writing a message, sticking stamps… Finally the virtual letter is sent …

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Play Time: Wikium

Wikium is an online service for the training of brain performance and development of cognitive functions: attention, memory and mind flexibility with the help of trainers and specialized courses. Trainings are based on Russian and foreign methods of cognitive processes of training, scientific knowledge about the structure of perception, attention, …

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Play Time: Land Lines

Play here: Land Lines lets you explore Google Earth satellite images through gesture. Machine learning and line detection algorithms were used to preprocess all images and identify the dominant lines. This enabled the analysis of brushstrokes and retrieval of the matching image efficiently without the need for a server. …

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Play Time: Spell Up

What if you could improve your English by playing a game using your voice? Spell Up uses the latest in web technologies to recognize your voice and help you build up your skills, letter by letter, word by word. Spell Up is a Chrome Experiment that enables you to improve …

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Play Time: The Evolution of Trust

Fun interactive game theory simulator shows how trust and mistrust evolve The Evolution of Trust is an interactive presentation by Nicky Case that explores cheating and cooperation. The short narrative experience attempts to explain the rise of mistrust and suspicion in today’s society through the lens of game theory. The …

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