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“Uncharted” Learns How to Solve the Problems

Uncharted works with brave pioneers around the world who have the courage to chart new ways towards impact. Drawing from the vast network, Uncharted builds coordinated movements of people—ventures, companies, foundations, governments, policy makers, funders, and more—who are all positioned to make a dent in a problem. Their network brings …

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Mountain Potatoes in Switzerland

The mountain potatoes thrive on the “Las Sorts” farm of Marcel and Sabina Heinrich Tschalèr. Nutritionist and top chef Freddy Christandl ensures that these potatoes are delivered to the best restaurants in Switzerland and are also appreciated by private gourmets. Marcel and Sabina started to grow ProSpecieRara varieties of potatoes …

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Das Kartoffeltaxi

Climate-neutral delivery of organic products directly from the farm shop. 70% of all transport capacities remain unused today. With the Kartoffeltaxi, commuters from the Schindellegi/Einsiedeln region with destinations in the canton of Zurich can now make better use of their free place in the car. Take a bag of potatoes with …

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Guzel Sanjapova

Guzel Sanjapova. Social Entrepreneur История Гузель Санжаповой началась в 2013 году, когда ее отцу перешло по наследству семейное дело — пасека в небольшой деревне Малый Турыш, которая расположена в двухстах километрах от Екатеринбурга. «Он оказался в трудном положении. С одной стороны, и пасеку не убьешь, потому что это дело его …

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Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer: the other man from Noma In the centre of Copenhagen is something distinctly un-Danish. Inderhavnsbroen – the Inner Harbour Bridge, or “kissing bridge”, because of two retractable sections that meet in the middle – was due to be finished in 2013, but there were design problems and then …

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Tina Roth Eisenberg

Tina Roth Eisenberg. Designer and Entrepreneur According to Tina Roth Eisenberg, there’s no better demonstration of the companionable spirit at her Boerum Hill co-working space, Friends, than the scene that unfolds at lunch. Between 12 and 1, people leave their computers and trickle in from the neighboring room, filling the …

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