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Arche Noah — Preserving and Developing the Diversity of Cultivated Plants

The Arche Noah Seed Bank is one of Europe’s biggest private collections of cultivated plants, maintaining over 6,000 varieties of rare vegetables and grains – many of them are not found anywhere else. Hundreds of members of Arche Noah act as private “seed savers” by cultivating endangered varieties in their home gardens and taking permanent care of them. They provide …

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Kokopelli — Pour la Libération de la Semence et de l’Humus

Kokopelli is a non-profit association founded in 1999 by Dominique and Sofy Guillet. The association’s activists work for the liberation of seeds and humus, and the protection of food biodiversity. They bring together all those who wish to preserve the right to freely sow vegetable and cereal seeds. Kokopelli is represented in Belgium, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Brazil.

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