Discover Your Writing Voice

You may be wondering to yourself: what is a ‘voice’ in writing? Much like with your actual voice, a writing voice is something this is unique to you. It makes your writing distinct and recognizable to others when they see it. And once you develop your voice, it will make all your writing more interesting and personal.

But finding your writing voice can be difficult. Your voice should be authentic…and extension of yourself. Moreover, when you find your distinctive voice, you might not be able to describe it or how it developed. And that’s ok! That’s part of the splendor of self-expression and discovery. The more you write, the more you find out what you like and what speaks to (and for) you, and the more your writing voice becomes your own.

So how can you develop your voice then? To some extent it happens all by itself, through the natural process of writing. However, you can facilitate this process by giving yourself the freedom to say things in your own, unique way. You don’t speak exactly like someone else, do you? Then why write like someone else? To liberate your voice, free your words…free your heart.

Practice free writing and let the words flow out of you. Write what comes to mind and don’t inhibit yourself with thoughts of what others might think or like or how they might write it. Just write naturally and your voice will develop. Remember: your voice is your very self.

And Just Keep Writing!

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