DIY Fabric Postcards


  • empty boxes
  • fabric scraps
  • glue


  • brush
  • paper plate to hold glue
  • plastic table cloth for mess protection


1. Pull out your scrap basket and separate all those really small bits from the larger pieces. We will only need the small stuff for this project!

2. Next, place a table protector down. Think plastic table cloth or large scrap of cardboard.

3. Paint some glue on the printed side of cardboard and place fabric scraps as desired. Have fun here, overlapping to create a fun mini quilt outlook. Once all scraps are in place, add another layer of glue. You are now officially decoupaging with fabric. Super simple.

4. Allow glue to dry, cut away any over hanging fabric bits and packaged them together with a long thin scrap of fabric. Or address them right away and send them out into the real world.

Share with us your postcards in the iSHARE Facebook group and get a chance to participate in the Postcard Festival 😉