Farmbot Genesis: Humanity’s First Open-Source CNC Farming Machine

Precision farming has been hailed as the future of agriculture, sustainability, and the food industry. That’s why a company called FarmBot is working to bring precision agriculture technology to environmentally conscious individuals for the first time. The company’s first product –the FarmBot Genesis — is a do-it-yourself precision farming solution, that, theoretically, anyone can figure out. The system is already up to its version One, and the open source robot improves in each version thanks to input from the FarmBot community.

Drag & Drop Farming
Graphically design your farm by dragging and dropping plants into the map. The game-like interface is learned in just a few minutes so you’ll be growing in no time. Plants are automatically spaced and growing regimens can be applied upon planting.

Growing Regimens
Build complete regimens for taking care of a plant throughout its lifetime by scheduling sequences to run when a plant is a certain age. Regimens can be reused, saving you time and effort during replanting.

Sequence Building
Quickly and easily create custom sequences of operations to take full advantage of your hardware – no programming is required. Simply drag and drop basic operations and other sequences together, adjust the parameters to your liking, and save.

Real-Time Control
Move FarmBot and operate its tools in real-time with the manual controls. Scare birds away from work or next time friends are over, pull out your phone for a quick and impressive demo.

View more videos and a lot of other information at the official website

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