Rooting for Kale

Have you heard the stories of a ‘wonder-vegetable’ that is easy to grow, delicious, and extraordinary healthy? It may sound too good to be true, but humans have actually been eating it for thousands of years. Meet Nero di Toscana, a legendary variety of kale.

Nero di Toscana is a plant of many names, including Black Cabbage and Dinosaur Kale. Originally cultivated by the Romans, Nero di Toscana is famous for its robust texture, deep taste, weather endurance, and high nutritional value. Nowadays, it can be found in gardens around the world and is renowned amongst kale enthusiasts for being an easy home-grown way to add depth of flavour to soups, salads, and pretty much anything else.

Spearheaded by kale-growing Co-Founder Marina Kortenbusch, BFC has been working to promote Nero di Toscana, and kale in general, through social media campaigns, seed distribution drives, and launching an online group dedicated to healthy eating, Green Cuisine. The Head of Green Cuisine, Marina Zabughina, speaks highly of kale, referring to it as an ‘optimal balance between taste and health, not to mention that it is easy to cook with and grow!’. Green Cuisine showcases lots of kale recipes, some of which have been presented in the free e-book, Kaleidoscope: Seeing the World Through Kale.

To help people get started with kale, BFC created an award for the best kale related post to its community Facebook group, iShare. To find out more about the award and how to claim a free seed starter pack, visit the Best Kale Contribution webpage.

The ultimate goal of BFC’s drive to promote kale is to inspire more people to live sustainably, in whatever form that means for them. In addition to kale, BFC’s online community is rapidly being filled with resources covering all sorts of subjects, including gardening, music, and writing. Get connected and help to plant the seeds of inspiration!

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