About bfc.green

BFC, a development consultancy, operates in many countries around the world. The local conditions are always different, but one question shared globally is how do we live sustainably? This touches upon many aspects of our lives, including how we eat, shop, do business, and spend our spare time.

BFC wants to actively tap into local knowledge and share successful practices being implemented around the world. The first step in this effort is the launch of a green platform which links individuals, green businesses, and organisations using social media and this website. We aim to facilitate knowledge exchange using the following interconnected online channels:

  • BFC.Green (this website) is dedicated to BFC’s ongoing green activities and is a hub of information related to sustainble lifestyles.
  • fb.com/bfc.green (Facebook page) will showcase curated articles, photos, artwork, recipes, videos, and ideas.
  • iSHARE (Facebook group) is a public group for open discourse, sharing ideas, and exchanging experience. Posts made to this group will be nominated for the BFC Awards 2017.

Our goal is to connect, inspire, and innovate, making the world a greener place for future generations. So get involved and let’s work together to live sustainably!

Find out more about BFC at our website.