BFC Green was established to support people live happier and healthier lives. We seek to realise this dream with a special focus on art, bio-farming, and social projects.
I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.Vincent van Gogh

Art Start

Art is inspiring – both to create and to appreciate. BFC.Green seeks to make art accessible through calls for submissions, promoting artists, and facilitating workshops for children.

  1. Art education
  2. Handmade postcards
  3. Startup support

Call for Creativity 2018

Liudmila, a Moldovan art teacher and artist, facilitated the creation of hundreds of postcards for... read more »

Postcard Designs Galleries

In 2017, BFC.Green launched a ‘Call for Creativity’, seeking inspirational postcard designs to be... read more »

Dreamer of the Year 2017

Liuba was born with cerebral palsy into a small village in Moldova with no resources to support... read more »


Great food is integral to leading a great lifestyle. BFC.Green supports farming initiatives which contribute to biodiversity, health, and great taste.

  1. Community-supported agriculture 
  2. Grants for bio-farmers
  3. Heirloom seed exchange

Wädichörbli Switzerland

The fresh, seasonal and regionally produced organic vegetables are produced jointly in the cooperative...

APOLLO e.V. Germany

The overall objective of the association is to promote the development of modern, sustainable agriculture in Eastern Europe

Pro-Bio Organic Moldova

Pro-Bio Organic supports farmers from the Republic of Moldova who are susceptible to the development of organic farming.

Gori's Tomatoes Moldova

Nadejda Gori is famous in Moldova for her delicious organic tomatoes and other vegetables from her farm.

Social Projects

Great impact can come from small gestures. Through encouraging volunteering and donations, BFC.Green looks to support charities which help dreamers to flourish.

  1. Volunteering
  2. Fundraising 

EcoVisio Moldova

EcoVisio is a youth led grassroots NGO from Moldova.

Vent d’Est Moldova

Association Vent d’Est organizes humanitarian projects in Eastern Europe. And Moldova is their main focus.

Ostmission Moldova

Get involved with people in need and poverty. Ostmission offers various opportunities to work for a good cause.

School4Life Kenya

School4Life is a charity registered in Switzerland and Germany working in close cooperation with CBSM Kimilili in Kenya

Kom & Zie Moldova

A day center for children and young people with disabilities / special educational needs in the city of Orhei, in the country of Moldova.

MAC Georgia

BFC employee Tyler Green has volunteered at two McLain Association for Children (MAC) Let’s Play Together events...