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Trends in Agricultural Finance at the European Microfinance Week 2016

Michael Kortenbusch, Managing Director of Business & Finance Consulting (BFC), hosted a panel discussion on the trends in agricultural finance on November 17, 2016 as part of European Microfinance Week. Mr. Kortenbusch invited Ms. Mariel Mensink, Mr. Bart de Bruyne, Dr. Jonathan Agwe, and Ms. Patricia Richter to each give a brief presentation followed by a discussion regarding an aspect of …

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Best Social Initiative

BFC Awards will be presented at the end of 2017 for Best Social Initiative and Best Kale Contribution. BFC will select a social initiative to be recognized for its impact, innovation, and inspiration related to living better. Nominate your favorite social initiative by posting about it on the iSHARE Facebook group by the end of September 2017. Here are some examples for the Best Social …

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Best Kale Contribution

Kale is BFC’s Vegetable of the Year 2017. In celebration, BFC have sent out high quality seeds to partners in several countries. We will be mapping the journey of growing kale right through to serving it for dinner; this will include showcasing articles, photos, artwork, recipes, videos, and ideas. If you’re interested in growing kale yourself, then get in contact to …

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Nine great treks in Georgia for the every type of hiker

The country of Georgia lies between the Black and Caspian seas, at the border between Europe and Asia. Also known as the “Gem of the Caucasus”, Georgia occupies the southern reaches of the 1,100 km long Caucasus mountain range. Even though the country is quite small, it is a trekker’s paradise – and it doesn’t matter whether you prefer to …

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Recipe: Marinated Kale with Mushrooms and Wild Rice

1. Put the wild rice in a 1 liter mason jar and let it soak in water overnight to bloom; strain and rinse well. 2. De-stem and chop the kale, placing it in a large bowl with 1 teaspoon of sea salt; use your hands to massage the leaves for a few minutes. 3. In a small bowl, make the …

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Rural Outreach & Innovation

The e-MFP Rural Outreach and Innovation (ROI) Action Group brings together multilateral organizations, donors, researchers, practitioners and investors involved in rural microfinance willing to address the challenge of providing adequate financial services to the estimated 500 million smallholder farmers in developing countries.

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Farmbot Genesis: Humanity’s First Open-Source CNC Farming Machine

Precision farming has been hailed as the future of agriculture, sustainability, and the food industry. That’s why a company called FarmBot is working to bring precision agriculture technology to environmentally conscious individuals for the first time. The company’s first product –the FarmBot Genesis — is a do-it-yourself precision farming solution, that, theoretically, anyone can figure out. The system is already …

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