Marina Zabughina

Marina is a designer in BFC’s marketing department, and is passionate about photography, art, languages, and vegan cooking. She can often be found searching for local herbs and mushrooms, taking part in search and rescue trainings with her dog, in galleries admiring works of art, or experimenting with delicious raw recipes. Marina was born in Moldova, and has previously lived in Russia, France, and Finland – she is currently based in Italy. Marina values the opportunity to learn about different cultures and loves to study languages, discover curious facts about origins of words, and experience local traditions.

What Gardening Can Do for Us

On Growing Food Growing food transforms us into producers — something we desperately need in a passive consumer culture where we have become an audience watching life rather than producers making it. Growing food provides a connection to and an understanding of where our food comes from. It schools us in what food looks like when it comes out of …

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Organic Agriculture More Profitable to Farmers

A comprehensive study finds organic agriculture is more profitable for farmers than conventional agriculture. In spite of lower yields, the global study shows that the profit margins for organic agriculture were significantly greater than for conventional agriculture. The results show that there’s room for organic agriculture to expand and, with its environmental benefits, to contribute a larger share in feeding …

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