Creative Farming

Who says you need a farm to be a farmer? Creative Farming showcases innovative ideas, techniques, and projects to plant the seed of inspiration.

Organic Farming is not Anti-technology

The terms abound these days — agroecological, agrobiodiverse — but all involve taking some of the principles, processes and practices of organic farming and using them in farming more generally. Many of these initiatives also work on certified organic farms too. The initiative I attended was called Capsella (after the plant) and is about communities of practice — that’s farmers, …

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What Gardening Can Do for Us

On Growing Food Growing food transforms us into producers — something we desperately need in a passive consumer culture where we have become an audience watching life rather than producers making it. Growing food provides a connection to and an understanding of where our food comes from. It schools us in what food looks like when it comes out of …

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Organic Agriculture More Profitable to Farmers

A comprehensive study finds organic agriculture is more profitable for farmers than conventional agriculture. In spite of lower yields, the global study shows that the profit margins for organic agriculture were significantly greater than for conventional agriculture. The results show that there’s room for organic agriculture to expand and, with its environmental benefits, to contribute a larger share in feeding …

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Turning People’s Yards into Micro Urban Farms

Sean Conway of Lakewood is a new kind of farmer. Learning agriculture and farming in the peace corps, returning home he had an idea that started to grow on him. Squash, peppers, basil, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and more, all grown in your backyard. And all the homeowner has to do is nothing, except provide the water. That’s water, Conway said, …

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