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Moldova Gallery “Beginners”

In 2017, BFC.Green launched a ‘Call for Creativity’, seeking inspirational postcard designs to be presented at the Postkarten Festival in Basel, Switzerland. We are delighted to publish the fantastic submissions in this special series of galleries.

Each gallery represents a different group of artists from three countries:

Georgia | Moldova | Switzerland


Each of the four Moldova galleries represents a different group of artists. Scroll down to the bottom of each page to see all the designs, and don’t hesitate to star your favourites!

Daycare | Beginners | BFC Kids | Art Students

Postcards were created in “Curcubeul Sperantei” centre in Vadu lui Voda, Moldova; in the Weekend centre in Budesti, Moldova; on preliminary courses in the “Sciusev” School of Art, Chisinau, Moldova.