Learn Drawing With Online Tutorials

On MyDrawingTutorial YouTube channel there are lots of drawing tutorials on portrait and figure drawing. You can learn from different artists and teachers. The goal of the creator of this channel is to create a community on YouTube where artist can learn and share ideas.

Brandon Schaefer on his channel SchaeferArt explores concepts of art and life. He posts videos weekly. You can find suggestions on improving painting and drawing, tips on how to sketch, talks about drawing tools, etc. Sometimes he takes his camera with him on plein airs and shows how to depict nature.

Kirsty Partridge is a young self taught artist. She loves drawing using coloured pencils, charcoal, watercolours and markers. Kirsty also enjoys helping people improve their art so she is doing a series of tutorial videos explaining all her techniques and tips!

Alphonso Dunn is passionate about helping others find their passion for drawing and creating art. On his channel there are lots of videos that provide tips, tricks, and techniques that are based on very basic concepts of drawing.

On the channel of Emmy Kalia there are tutorials and time-lapse videos of my pencil drawings. She is very open and everyone can ask her questions about drawing or materials.