Let’s Play Together

BFC employee Tyler Green has volunteered at two McLain Association for Children (MAC) Let’s Play Together events, one in Poti and one in Terjola. He has also organized a fundraising event, with BFC support, which raised enough money to cover 1.5 future Let’s Play Together events costs.

Founded in 2008, MAC strives to provide the services, resources, and technical assistance necessary for individuals of all ages across Georgia to achieve their full potential. Partnered with Let’s Play Together, an initiative of Peace Corps volunteers, we’re working to unite people of all abilities through sport, activities and fun. Far too often in Georgia children with disabilities aren’t encouraged or given the opportunity to play and socialize with friends. MAC and Let’s Play Together are trying to change that and look forward to seeing increasing numbers of people with disabilities across the country living more active lives.

Each event brought together over 60 children, giving them an opportunity to have fun in ways that they normally wouldn’t have and raising awareness among the communities that they live in. The events show how, with a little effort, we can offer children with disabilities a much happier life in Georgia.

The events are not only inspiring to participate in but also a great deal of fun. It is beneficial for everyone involved and is continuing to get more and more interest from all over Georgia.