Mountain Potatoes in Switzerland

The mountain potatoes thrive on the “Las Sorts” farm of Marcel and Sabina Heinrich Tschalèr. Nutritionist and top chef Freddy Christandl ensures that these potatoes are delivered to the best restaurants in Switzerland and are also appreciated by private gourmets.

Marcel and Sabina started to grow ProSpecieRara varieties of potatoes in 2003 in the mountains at a height of more than 1,000 meters. In 2005 the top chef Freddy Christandl heard of these potatoes and decided to use them in his restaurant to delight guests.

The team together with “Bauer und Koch” set up the “Bergkartoffeln aus dem Albulatal” project. Freddy quickly found customers all over Switzerland with the help of his networking contacts.

Today the “Bergkartoffeln aus dem Albulatal” is an innovative project, far from the mainstream and from technological processes. Marcel and Sabina concentrate fully on the cultivation. Freddy ensures that the potatoes on the plates of Swiss are sustainable and fair.

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