Marina Kortenbusch

Marina is a social business entrepreneur and Co-Founder of BFC. Inspired by children and dreamers, one of her foremost passions is lifelong learning. She is continually striving to make the world a better place through implementing innovations, sharing knowledge, and connecting people.

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BFC.Green Talks ‘Secrets of Chocolate’

In addition to showing you a tried-and-tested homemade chocolate recipe, Marina also demonstrates how this fun and exciting experience can be shared with children and utilized to inspire entrepreneurship, healthy living and independence. You can download the pdf by clicking on the image below.

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Hof Blum — the agricultural enterprise

Hof Blum farm is located in a picturesque area. You can enjoy the scenery while riding a horse. The farm provides horse riding lessons as a therapy. Work at the farm is done according to the guidelines of Bio Suisse. From the hens to the cows: they are all part of the family business and are fully respected as living …

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Waedichoerbli — farming-oriented cooperative

The Wädichörbli is a Swiss farming-oriented cooperative with the aim of bringing local and jointly produced organic vegetables directly from the field to the kitchens of the cooperative. In the Wädichörbli, organic vegetables are delivered once a week as a crop-fresh vegetable subscription to a depot nearby. Since June 2012 organic vegetables have been available in an unconventional way: as …

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Литературный Клуб в Цюрихе

Очаг русской культуры в историческом квартале Цюриха. Раз в месяц здесь проходят лекции по литературе, философии, кино и т.д. Гости — писатели, журналисты, культурологи и многие другие интересные люди.

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