Waedichoerbli — farming-oriented cooperative

The Wädichörbli is a Swiss farming-oriented cooperative with the aim of bringing local and jointly produced organic vegetables directly from the field to the kitchens of the cooperative.

In the Wädichörbli, organic vegetables are delivered once a week as a crop-fresh vegetable subscription to a depot nearby. Since June 2012 organic vegetables have been available in an unconventional way: as a pick-up vegetable subscription around the corner. The distribution points are located in Horgen, Au, Wädenswil, Richterswil, Samstagern, and Wollerau. The special thing about this: the fresh, seasonal and regionally produced organic vegetables are produced jointly in the cooperative and under the guidance of two vegetable gardeners throughout the year.

The supporting pillar of the cooperative and its enterprise are its members. Each member contributes to the success of the company, through his motivations, priorities and possibilities, by assisting in the field, packing, distribution and administration.

The aim of the cooperative is to provide access to locally cultivated and fresh organic vegetables and, above all, an alternative to a price-dominated agriculture.

Check their official website to find out how to participate.