Housing Insulation as Means for Climate Adaptation

In March 2013, MEI in partnership with GIZ conducted a market study on the subject of housing insulation measures in two regions of Kyrgyzstan: Naryn and Issyk-Kul.

The main objective of the study was to understand the needs of the households, their living conditions, and ability and willingness to pay for thermal insulation measures that could increase the level of comfort in the household during cold winters and mitigate heating fuel expenses.

MEI team together with local partners, in addition to a qualitative survey of 384 households, conducted 44 interviews including households, stakeholders and experts in the field of energy efficiency. Our team has visited suppliers of insulation materials and windows, as well as improved heating stoves.

As a result, MEI team has identified current fuel consumption patterns of households, their preferences and financial situations, and bottlenecks with regard to value chains. This study will serve as a basis for the future development of the projects involving different stakeholders such as Microfinance Institutions and development organizations that will make house energy efficient measures accessible and affordable for the Kyrgyz population.

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