Versatile Herb Spiral

Herb spiral is a clever gardening idea. Attractive and functional at the same time!

A spiral-shaped garden accommodates plants that need a variety of growing conditions thanks to its multiple levels. Here are some benefits of herb spiral:

  • Can be built at a little cost
  • Suits for limited amount of space in the garden
  • Creates micro-climates on different levels of the construction
  • Lets you grow different herbs that need various growing conditions
  • Allows you to economize water
  • Makes planting and harvesting much easier
  • Creates biodiversity
  • It’s great for companion planting
  • Looks very nice

Some plants, such as many of the Mediterranean herbs, need dry, sandy soil conditions, while others require a moist, bottomland type of soil. The herb spiral accommodates these needs, as it is designed to have different soil conditions at different parts of the spiral. The top is a warm, dry area that gets plenty of sun. The bottom is cool, shady and moist. Herbs that need drier soil drain easily, and plants that desire moister conditions receive water that flows from above.

Learn more about how to build the herb spiral:
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