Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer: the other man from Noma

In the centre of Copenhagen is something distinctly un-Danish. Inderhavnsbroen – the Inner Harbour Bridge, or “kissing bridge”, because of two retractable sections that meet in the middle – was due to be finished in 2013, but there were design problems and then the contractor filed for bankruptcy. It earned the nickname the “missing bridge”, a very public failing in such a well-ordered city. A revised opening date for summer 2015 was missed. It should now open this year.

The bridge will eventually link Nyhavn and Christianshavn: that is, the picturesque, rainbow-fronted city centre and a more edgy district that is home to the hippyish Christiania commune. Or, if you have come to Copenhagen for the food – which, statistics suggest, you probably have – it will provide a handy shortcut between Claus Meyer’s the Standard and René Redzepi’s Noma.

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