Easy Making Paper Beads

Making paper beads is great project for little kids, big kids and adults. They are easy to make and are surprisingly sturdy. And they look just great!

It is very creative and nice way to spend the time with your children and occupy them to make things.

Traditionally, paper beads are made from scrap paper such as old magazines, or some nice coloured papers (e.g. origami paper), so they cost very little. Experiment with different papers and different lengths of paper. Glossy magazines, travel brochures and old maps make wonderful, handmade beads that have a great ethnic vibe. Also thinner paper tends to make better beads. Roll your beads as tightly as you can.

You can make them in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. When all beads are done, create beautiful decorations, jewellery…


  • Coloured paper
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Glue

Step 1: To begin, you will need to cut your paper into isosceles triangles. The size could be 15 x 2 cm, but also you can use different sizes.

Step 2: Start rolling the paper triangle around the bamboo stick, then a knitting needle or biro insert will work just as well.

Step 3: Pop a dab of glue on the paper just before you reach the end. You can use a tube of glitter glue too.

Step 4: Put your beads on a non-porous surface, such as a clean dry plate, to dry.

Step 5: If you want your beads last longer, then give them a coat of mod podge, diluted PVA or even clear nail varnish.

Paper beads template: